The Important To Knows Before Purchase The Video Camera


As we know that, nowadays there are so many celebrities on Instagram a.k.a celebgram or Youtubers artist. Sometimes you can get money from phone too like Money-Making Android Application. One way that they do to make a good picture and video is to use a good quality camera. Those camera is using by the Youtuber to make a video, one of that video is a vlog, and the activity to make a vlog is vlogging. If you feel excited to make an interesting vlog, the first step that you should do is consider the quality of the camera that to be purchased.

The Resolution Of The Video

If you are serious to take the videography field so you or looking for what the best camera for you, so you must pay attention to is how much resolution that your camera offers. Surely you must be familiar with terms like 480p. 720p, 1080p, even up to 2160p.

Some people think that the bigger number, the bigger the quality that they will have. It’s not totally right. The number 480p, 720p. And 1080p is just a resolution, more complete is the resolution of the video which is familiarly called height/height. The letter p stands for a progressive scan which is not interfaced.

Sensory Image

If you look at the specification on the camera, you may find that the camera will use a sensory image. As we know that the sensory image that is commonly used is CMOS, but it turns out that is also the type of sensor before, that is the CCD. It is important to know that between CCD or CMOS gives the same good results. The only differences that they have are in their technology. Both CCD and CMOS both have the function of converting light into electrons. Because of the manufacturing process is different, there are also fundamental differences between these two types of sensors. CCD sensors are more widely, and the CMOS sensor has lower quality.

Zoom Lens

Optical zoom is usually found on cameras that use lenses. The aim is to make objects appear closer or farther with the same quality results. So the image will have the same resolution compared to images without zooming. This is very different from the method of digital zoom. Digital zoom works that do not make the image look closer. This is because the optic can changes.

Image Stabilization

As we know that image stabilization has the aims to reduce blur on video due to the vibrating or moving body. Of course, this feature is very important and must be on all cameras used to record video, especially cameras that have an optical zoom lens. That is because when the lens is enlarged to maximum magnification, it will be sensitive even with very small movements that can affect a lot. The stabilization is very important.


One of the most common controls on cameras is exposure. Even cameras with very basic features, it will allow users to control exposure, this exposure control aims to ascertain how much light enters to your camera. Exposure control basically allows you to quickly adjust the light or darkness of your video.