Money-Making Android Application


I believe that you are already familiar with the sophistication of the Android application. Since the smartphone revolution of this decade, there have been many changes. Many new things have appeared that make my life feel easier. One of the results of this smartphone revolution is the more and more smart applications have appeared and one of them is an amazing money-making application. The money-making application is an application that provides gifts in the form of money or dollars that we can immediately cash into a bank account and processed with physical money through an ATM. This application is not only given a gift in the form of money but also a shopping voucher, Google plays Gift card and iTunes Giftcard.

How Do The Money-Making Application Work?

The working method of this application is that you will be given a reward or money reward if you complete the task provided by the money-making application. What task do you usually have to do? The task that you have to do is just to download and install the application or fill out a survey. From the task that we have to complete, we will be rewarded prizes in the form of money or other prizes. So this is the money–making an application that you should try.

Whaff Reward

This application is currently the best among money-making applications on Android and iOs. In the Whaff Reward application, there are many tasks that can be done. The more task that you have done, the more rewards that you will get. Starting from the reward of installing an application, the amount of reward is starting from 0.01 dollar to 1 dollar. There are also daily play tasks or rewards for opening applications that have been download every day, the number of rewards is also varied, ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 dollars.


This second money-making application that is very similar to the Whaff Reward. Besides being easy to get money and prizes, this money-making application is also available for Android and iOs. This application also provides various tasks that can be done and will get rewards from the work that have been done. The reward given is not in the form of direct money but the form of points, that points can later be used to exchange into a gift that you want. Rewards per task are very greatly from 5 points to 1.000 points or more.


This money-making application is also very good for the money seekers and dollars online. This application has advantages compared to money-making applications in term of minimum disbursement. Because you just need 2.5 dollars to disburse to PayPal. This term is different with Appkarma that requires 5 dollars and Whaff Reward that requires a minimum of 10 dollars collected for disbursement. In this application, we will be given a task that must be completed such as the task of downloading and installing the task of filling out surveys and more. Every time we finished the task we will be rewarded in the form of coins.

Lucky gift

This application is a new money-making application that can compare to Whaff Reward or other money making applications. In the terms of giving gifts, this application can compete to Whaff Reward. The task provided in this application is the task of downloading and installing many applications are available and ready for you to download. The rewards given are in the form of coins. This coin later if you collected of minimum 12.000 coins then you can change with the gift that you want.


If you want to try the quite different money-making application, so you must try Showbox. In this application, you are required to complete a job to get rewards. This application will give a reward if we want to play some games. Rewards provided in the form of points that can later be collected and can be exchanged.