5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android and iOS


Seeing ghosts is not an ability that not everyone has. While some people wish they don’t have this ability, others try very hard so they can see ghosts near them. Well, if you are one of these, then download the best apps for ghost hunting that will help you find ghosts.

Ghost hunting apps is an app that will help detect ghosts and supernatural entities around you. These apps will also help you capture, record, and even note the place where you saw them. However, some people say that these apps are not real and just made by humans. Well, to see whether they are real or not, try out these best apps for ghost hunting from your phone:

1. Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools

One of the apps that many people have been using to detect the existence of ghosts is Ghost Hunting Tools. The tool does not automatically detect where a ghost is, but it has EMF & EVP meters. This tool is to read fluctuation in the electromagnetic field and detect electronic voice phenomena. Usually, what they detect leads them to supernatural entities.

2. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

The next best app for detecting ghosts around you is the Ghost Detector Radar Simulator. To start the app, let the app have access to your camera. Once you have opened your camera, walk around the place where you want to see the ghost. If not, use the radar scope that will direct you to places that have the potential of supernatural entities.

3. Ghost Radar: Classic

Ghost Radar: Classic

The best apps for ghost hunting that many people have also been using is Ghost Radar: Classic. The app uses quantum fluctuations and GRC purports to determine the presence of a spirit. Once it spots a ghost, it will show a green dot on where the ghost is. The app also has a feature in communicating with the ghost. The translation of what the ghost is saying will be available in the app.

4. iOvilus


This app is worth a try because it was tested by Live Scifi TV. Rather than detecting the ghost in photos or as an object, the app detects the speeches of the ghost. The speech will then be changed into censors on your phone, which means there is a ghost around you. So, be careful if your app suddenly receives sensors from around you.

5. Ghost Locator

Ghost Locator

From all the apps above, the Ghost Locator is one of the simplest ones you can try. Once you download the app, just click on the on/off switch. The app will automatically start working and look for ghosts around you. If it finds a ghost, a radar will appear on the screen with some details.

Whether the ghosts detected are real or not, these are the best apps for ghost hunting. They easily detect fluctuations and unknown movements that humans can’t see. Some of the apps can even communicate and get details about the ghosts. So, to find a ghost around you, you should surely try these apps out. Nut just be careful if your phone suddenly receives a sensor of a ghost around you.