Best Applications For Apple Pencil to Smoothing Your Work


Apple pencil is the pairing for the iPad to make you work better and easier. To get the best result, you need the best applications for Apple pencil. In the past, you needed a PC to draw or make a design. However, these days you can use the combination of iPad and Apple pencil to draw and create a design.

Using an Apple pencil gives you more advantages because it is easier to use. Nonetheless, to make use of Apple pencil to the utmost of its potential, you need to install a good application. So, here are some recommendations on applications for your Apple pencil:

1. Apple Notes

Apple Notes

When talking about the best application for Apple pencil, then you can’t rule out the Apple Notes. This application is a built-in app that can also support the Apple pencil.

With this app, you can do almost everything with your pencil. Be it write a note or draw doodles. Moreover, this app has various toolbars that will aid your work.

2. Procreate


Procreate is one of the best applications for Apple pencil. This app is specially made for the professional in graphic design. Although you can use your fingers to draw in this app, using the Apple pencil will take you to the other level.

With a pencil, you can effortlessly draw precise and detailed lines in this app. Moreover, as the Apple Pencil is very sensitive, you just need to tingle it a bit to draw the lines you want.

If you want to install this app on your iPad, you need to purchase it first. But with all of its functions and advantages, the cost is just a small price.

3. Notability


If you’re looking for an app that can do multiple tasks, then Notability is the best solution. This app, by all means, goes well with an Apple pencil and makes note is written easily. There are a lot of styles so you can have various choices.

Also, with this app, you can record audio in the background, so it’s very effective for taking lectures. Moreover, if you want you can print the notes or export it to the PDF thanks to the infinite scroll and page breaks.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Previously, Adobe Photoshop only existed on the desktop, however as people start to switch mobile gadgets, it releases the mobile app version. Like the desktop version, Adobe Photoshop is also a powerful app.

Not only take advantage of the iPad touchscreen, but this app also supports the Apple pencil. This app works similarly to the desktop version and you can use all the toolbars including blending or spot healing.

5. Flow

Flow App for iPad

Flow is the application that works well with Apple pencil and also has many functions. Using this app, you can take a note, draw a picture, create a mind map, and many more. You can say that Flow is a very useful app that can draw out Apple pencil’s potential to the best.

One of the redeeming features of this app is that there is no width limit for the document. In other words, you can expand the sketch or note.

The combination of Apple pencil and iPad makes the device more powerful and easier to use. However, installing the best application for Apple pencil will decrease your work’s burden in an incredible amount. You can go to Drivers and Software to get these apps. So, be wise in choosing the app!