Healthy Tips To Playing Video Game


Playing the game on a computer or in a video game consoles such s PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and others, is a fun and exciting activity. But behind at all, playing games have a negative impact, on another side also has a good impact. The negative impact if we too often playing video game are we will have a little time to sleep and it can make eye pain. But, the positive impact of playing a video game is one of a method of refreshing our mind. So to get the maximum good impact, you need some tips for playing video games.

Limit The Playing Game Time

If you are so addicted to playing the game, usually, you forget about the time to stop and do usual some activities. So, that you can set the time for an hour or two. If necessary, install the alarm clock to find out the time limit. Playing games for a long time will make a negative impact for our body because the brain that is fully concentrated in the game and will ignore the important activities that body needs such as eating, drinking, worship, bathing, and sleeping.

Avoid The Game That Can Make You Upset

Sometimes the difficult game can make us upset and finally emotions and anger. Punching and joystick can be a target if you are so upset and can be slammed, beaten, stepped on, and the other cruel act. Not only the console machines or PC that are damaged, but also your hands, feet, and body can get sick if you do the violent actions. So, stop playing games if you are emotional and you can do something to reduce your anger. You need good PC or Laptop for easy to playing game so you need to know How To Choose A Goos And Quality Gaming Laptop.

Play Brain-Sharpening Games

There are many games that can improve our brains thinking abilities such as puzzle games, case games, memory games, strategy games, and etc. There are also many fun games that can entertain us when playing them. First of all, you must analyze the game that will you play. Whether it can have a positive impact and can provide the entertainment for you.  You just will feel upset about playing this game, so it’s just waste your time.

Playing With Friends

Playing games with friends is much better than playing alone. By playing with someone else it will strengthen your relationship. But, you and your partner must agree first to play that game. Playing the game alone will eliminate our social soul and can reduce the number of our friends. Even you have so many friends in the game online, but a friend in a real life is far more valuable than virtual friends.

Don’t Play Pirated Games

You can imagine, how struggled the people who make the games that use a big money, use hard thinking for a long time? Then we just buy the copy game from the plowman at a very cheap price. The game developers can’t do anything, game steel criminals get big and much money. If you don’t have a lot of money, try not to play the commercial games that are not freely distributed. You must look for or search games that are free and licensed.

How To Choose A Good Quality Gaming Laptop


Nowadays, the trend of laptop game increasing more and more. This is proven by the many laptop manufacturers who present a series of gaming laptops with their own special names. The role of social media is also quite influential in increasing the importance of using a gaming laptop. To choose a gaming laptop you don’t need to be confused, because gaming laptop was already has a special type. Even, some people still use a regular laptop to play games, but actually, it’s not good. To choose a good gaming laptop, you must pay attention before buying it.


Before you buy laptop gaming, the most important way to choose a gaming laptop is to prepare funds first. Because the gaming laptop price is quite expensive. Generally, it’s starting at 10 million and above. Well, if you have an estimated fund of under 10 million so you have to think first. If not, you have to save first.

VGA Type

The next tip is you have to pay attention to the VGA type that used in a gaming laptop. For this point, you should focus on VGA technology and on the VGA series. Don’t focus on VRAM or memory of VGA. Although the memory of VGA is important, VRAM is more important to graphics than a gaming laptop. Next, you need to pay attention to the VGA series. Generally, the first number is the VGA generation series number. To get good gaming performance, you need to consider the two last number of the series.


For laptop gaming processor has a role that’s very important in supporting gameplay. Why? Because the processor now has its own integrated graphics. For example, the Ryzen APU processor for laptops that AMD develops. Processors that have graphics integrated, can work alternately with the graphics card on a laptop. For example, to play games, graphics cards will work, but for the typing process, the graphics processor on the processor will work. So choose a processor that has good performance with the latest generation. Don’t Choose the laptop gaming with a ULV type processor or a power saving processor, because it will not be optimal.


Today, the average gaming laptop needs more RAM, at least 4 GB of RAM. Generally, good games require 8 GB RAM specifications. For this reason, choose a laptop that has a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. But the best choice is 16 GB RAM. If you have a limited budget, you can buy 4GB of RAM. But make sure there are additional slots. The point is if you have fund later you can add RAM both 4 GB RAM and 8 GB RAM.

Laptop Design

Design and dimensions are important things that you also need to pay attention to choose a laptop. First, pay attention to the design of the gaming laptop. Also, find out the weight and dimensions. This is important because if you often travel and need a gaming laptop, so you need to look for a gaming laptop with a rather thin design that will more portable. If you are more often at home, so you can buy a laptop with heavier weight.

Storage Media

You also need pay attention to the storage media of gaming laptop. You need to find out about a laptop with a Hard Disk storage type or Solid State Drive. SSD storage types have better and faster performance and also very convenient for playing games. HDD performance is slower than SSD. But HDD has a large capacity. If you want to play a game that has a large file so you better to choose HDD performance.

The Important To Knows Before Purchase The Video Camera


As we know that, nowadays there are so many celebrities on Instagram a.k.a celebgram or Youtubers artist. Sometimes you can get money from phone too like Money-Making Android Application. One way that they do to make a good picture and video is to use a good quality camera. Those camera is using by the Youtuber to make a video, one of that video is a vlog, and the activity to make a vlog is vlogging. If you feel excited to make an interesting vlog, the first step that you should do is consider the quality of the camera that to be purchased.

The Resolution Of The Video

If you are serious to take the videography field so you or looking for what the best camera for you, so you must pay attention to is how much resolution that your camera offers. Surely you must be familiar with terms like 480p. 720p, 1080p, even up to 2160p.

Some people think that the bigger number, the bigger the quality that they will have. It’s not totally right. The number 480p, 720p. And 1080p is just a resolution, more complete is the resolution of the video which is familiarly called height/height. The letter p stands for a progressive scan which is not interfaced.

Sensory Image

If you look at the specification on the camera, you may find that the camera will use a sensory image. As we know that the sensory image that is commonly used is CMOS, but it turns out that is also the type of sensor before, that is the CCD. It is important to know that between CCD or CMOS gives the same good results. The only differences that they have are in their technology. Both CCD and CMOS both have the function of converting light into electrons. Because of the manufacturing process is different, there are also fundamental differences between these two types of sensors. CCD sensors are more widely, and the CMOS sensor has lower quality.

Zoom Lens

Optical zoom is usually found on cameras that use lenses. The aim is to make objects appear closer or farther with the same quality results. So the image will have the same resolution compared to images without zooming. This is very different from the method of digital zoom. Digital zoom works that do not make the image look closer. This is because the optic can changes.

Image Stabilization

As we know that image stabilization has the aims to reduce blur on video due to the vibrating or moving body. Of course, this feature is very important and must be on all cameras used to record video, especially cameras that have an optical zoom lens. That is because when the lens is enlarged to maximum magnification, it will be sensitive even with very small movements that can affect a lot. The stabilization is very important.


One of the most common controls on cameras is exposure. Even cameras with very basic features, it will allow users to control exposure, this exposure control aims to ascertain how much light enters to your camera. Exposure control basically allows you to quickly adjust the light or darkness of your video.

Money-Making Android Application


I believe that you are already familiar with the sophistication of the Android application. Since the smartphone revolution of this decade, there have been many changes. Many new things have appeared that make my life feel easier. One of the results of this smartphone revolution is the more and more smart applications have appeared and one of them is an amazing money-making application. The money-making application is an application that provides gifts in the form of money or dollars that we can immediately cash into a bank account and processed with physical money through an ATM. This application is not only given a gift in the form of money but also a shopping voucher, Google plays Gift card and iTunes Giftcard.

How Do The Money-Making Application Work?

The working method of this application is that you will be given a reward or money reward if you complete the task provided by the money-making application. What task do you usually have to do? The task that you have to do is just to download and install the application or fill out a survey. From the task that we have to complete, we will be rewarded prizes in the form of money or other prizes. So this is the money–making an application that you should try.

Whaff Reward

This application is currently the best among money-making applications on Android and iOs. In the Whaff Reward application, there are many tasks that can be done. The more task that you have done, the more rewards that you will get. Starting from the reward of installing an application, the amount of reward is starting from 0.01 dollar to 1 dollar. There are also daily play tasks or rewards for opening applications that have been download every day, the number of rewards is also varied, ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 dollars.


This second money-making application that is very similar to the Whaff Reward. Besides being easy to get money and prizes, this money-making application is also available for Android and iOs. This application also provides various tasks that can be done and will get rewards from the work that have been done. The reward given is not in the form of direct money but the form of points, that points can later be used to exchange into a gift that you want. Rewards per task are very greatly from 5 points to 1.000 points or more.


This money-making application is also very good for the money seekers and dollars online. This application has advantages compared to money-making applications in term of minimum disbursement. Because you just need 2.5 dollars to disburse to PayPal. This term is different with Appkarma that requires 5 dollars and Whaff Reward that requires a minimum of 10 dollars collected for disbursement. In this application, we will be given a task that must be completed such as the task of downloading and installing the task of filling out surveys and more. Every time we finished the task we will be rewarded in the form of coins.

Lucky gift

This application is a new money-making application that can compare to Whaff Reward or other money making applications. In the terms of giving gifts, this application can compete to Whaff Reward. The task provided in this application is the task of downloading and installing many applications are available and ready for you to download. The rewards given are in the form of coins. This coin later if you collected of minimum 12.000 coins then you can change with the gift that you want.


If you want to try the quite different money-making application, so you must try Showbox. In this application, you are required to complete a job to get rewards. This application will give a reward if we want to play some games. Rewards provided in the form of points that can later be collected and can be exchanged.